I am Deputy Director of the Surrey Centre for Cyber Security (SCCS) and Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom.

I am a member of the Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt (CASED) and the European Center for Security and Privacy by Design (EC SPRIDE).

I teach on Surrey's "Information Security MSc" programme that received provisional certification from the GCHQ.

My research covers several areas in cyber security and privacy, in particular:

  • Authentication and Key Management
  • Cryptographic Algorithms and Protocols
  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies
  • Security in Networks and Distributed Systems

I was involved in several research and industrial projects. On several occasions I commented for public media on diverse topics in cyber security. Feel free to contact me.

mark (at) manulis.eu


05.02.2019 I'll be serving on the PCs of ACNS 2019, ACISP 2019, PENCIL, ISC 2019, and CANS 2019.
23.10.2018 I have been invited to join the Editorial Board of Springer's International Journal of Information Security.
25.07.2018 "Hierarchical Attribute-based Signatures" accepted at CANS 2018.
25.07.2018 "Bootstrapping Online Trust: Timeline Activity Proofs" accepted at DPM 2018 (co-located with ESORICS).
04.12.2017 I will be co-charing ISC 2018.
12.06.2017 "Password Authenticated Keyword Search" accepted at IEEE PAC 2017.
08.06.2017 Two new research projects have started: TAPESTRY (funded by EPSRC) and ABS4Cars (funded by NCSC).
21.09.2016 "Secure Modular Password Authentication for the Web using Channel Bindings" accepted by Springer's IJIS journal.
09.09.2016 Best Paper Award at ISC 2016 for our paper with Franziskus Kiefer from Mozilla.
27.06.2016 I gave invited talk on "Authentication with Privacy for Connected Cars" @ Connected Cars'16.
19.06.2016 ACNS 2016 proceedings appeared in Springer's LNCS 9696.
16.05.2016 "Universally Composable Two-Server PAKE" accepted at ISC 2016.
16.05.2016 "Blind Password Registration for Two-Server Password Authenticated Key Exchange ..." accepted at ISC 2016.
09.03.2016 "Blind Password Registration for Verifier-based PAKE" accepted at ACM ASIAPKC 2016.
13.01.2016 I'll be serving on the PC of ISC 2016.
10.12.2015 "Public Key Encryption with Distributed Keyword Search" accepted at InTrust 2015.
21.06.2015 "Oblivious PAKE: Efficient Handling of Password Trials" accepted at ISC 2015.
25.03.2015 SCCS becomes an Academic Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security Research.
17.03.2015 I'll be serving on the PCs of IMA Cryptography and Coding 2015 and WEWoRC 2015.
10.02.2015 I joined the Editoral Board of IET Information Security.
27.01.2015 I'll be serving on the PCs of ACISP 2015 and ProvSec 2015.
17.12.2014 Best Paper Award for "Rerandomizable Threshold Blind Signatures" at InTrust 2014.
05.09.2014 "Secure Modular Password Authentication for the Web using Channel Bindings" accepted at SSR 2014.
05.09.2014 "A Modular Framework for Multi-Factor Authentication and Key Exchange" accepted at SSR 2014.
01.08.2014 Our MSc Information Security degree receives GCHQ certification. Related media links: a| b| c| d| e
01.08.2014 "Privacy-Enhanced Participatory Sensing with Collusion Resistance and Data Ag..." accepted at CANS 2014.