I am Full Professor at the Universität der Bundeswehr München in its Department of Computer Science and Research Institute Cyber Defence (CODE), where I head the Privacy and Applied Cryptography (PACY) Lab. This is my private website.

My research and projects are on privacy-enhancing technologies underpinned by modern cryptographic methods and techniques. I am focusing on the design and analysis of cryptographic protocols and on their use to protect security and privacy in data processing, authentication, secure communications, and in decentralized, multi-party applications in the domains of social media, IoT, and blockchain. I am also teaching some of these topics on our Cyber Security MSc programme and supervising researchers.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in collaboration or professional advice. For open positions in PACY Lab check here.

mark.manulis (at) unibw.de


05.06.2024 I gave invited talk "Asynchronous Remote Key Generation (ARKG) and its Applications" at SKECH 2024 in Bertinoro, Italy.
10.03.2024 I will be serving as Workshop Chair of ACNS 2025.
06.02.2024 "Fully Homomorphic Encryption beyond IND-CCA1 Security: Integrity through Verifiability" accepted at EUROCRYPT 2024.
10.01.2024 "FEASE: Fast and Expressive Asymmetric Searchable Encryption" accepted at Usenix Security Symposium 2024.
19.05.2023 IEEE Spectrum's article "Satellite Signal Jamming Reaches New Lows" features my comments.
10.05.2023 I am co-chairing PC of SECITC 2023. Submission deadline: 20.09.2023.
26.04.2023 I gave invited talk on "Asynchronous Remote Key Generation and its Applications" at the ASSURED Scientific Workshop.
03.04.2023 "Asynchronous Remote Key Generation for Post-Quantum Cryptosystems from Lattices" accepted at EuroS&P 2023.
03.04.2023 "Generalised Asynchronous Remote Key Generation for Pairing-based Cryptosystems" accepted at ACNS 2023.
23.01.2023 I am co-chairing PC of NSS 2013. Submission deadline: 03.03.2023.
23.01.2023 This year I am serving on the PCs of ACNS 2023, ACM ASIACCS 2023, and ESORICS 2023.
23.08.2022 "Unlinkable Delegation of WebAuthn Credentials" accepted at ESORICS 2022.
01.04.2022 "Revocable Hierarchical Attribute-based Signatures from Lattices" accepted at ACNS 2022.
01.03.2022 I joined Universität der Bundeswehr München as Professor in the Department of Computer Science and RI CODE.
06.09.2021 I gave a talk at IEEE EuroS&P's FoPI 2021 workshop on account recovery and delegation in FIDO2/WebAuthn.
18.03.2021 I gave invited talk at CYSAT 2021 on the security challenges for satellite constellations. Watch on [YouTube]
02.12.2020 A talk based on our work with Yubico has been accepted to Real World Crypto 2021.
22.11.2020 "Password-Authenticated Searchable Encryption" published in International Journal of Information Security.
16.11.2020 Yubico's blog article explains our joint work on the new protocol for WebAuthn credentials backup.
01.09.2020 I am now Head of Department of Computer Science at the University of Surrey.
26.08.2020 I joined the Editorial Board of IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security" (IEEE TIFS), IF 6.2
11.08.2020 "An Interoperable Architecture for Usable Password-less Authentication" accepted at ETAA@ESORICS2020
03.08.2020 "Asynchronous Remote Key Generation: An analysis of Yubico’s proposal for W3C WebAuthn" accepted at ACM CCS 2020
14.05.2020 "Cyber Security in New Space" appeared in International Journal of Information Security (Open Access)
13.05.2020 "TAPESTRY: A De-centralized Service for Trusted Interaction Online" appeared in IEEE Trans. on Services Computing
13.05.2020 I am co-chairing DETIPS 2020 workshop affiliated with ESORICS 2020.
13.05.2020 I'll be serving on the PCs of ACNS 2020, ESORICS 2020, and ISC 2020.